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P6 Cooperative Trade Movement

Allison Hermes is the new National Director for the Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement, a multi-stakeholder cooperative comprised of wholesale and retail cooperatives that supports small, local and cooperative farmers and producers.  Allison has been supporting the cooperative and organic food movement since 2010. Most recently, as Marketing Programs Manager with Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative, Allison has had her hand in just about every Organic Valley branded campaign. Prior to this position, she was hired to coordinate Organic Valley farm tours educating retail buyers, non-profit organizations, and consumers on the environmental and economic benefits of the cooperative business model and organic farming. Prior to her CROPP career, she attained her master’s degree across the sea at the University of London. In addition to hitting the books, she also volunteered with the Fair Trade Foundation and added chocolate to her resume with an internship at Divine Chocolate. Both experiences fueled her interest in the cooperative business model and contributing to a sustainable food system. ​


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