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Jade Barker is passionate about co-ops! She lived in student co-operative housing during her college years at UC Berkeley, and her first job after graduation was as a member of a worker collective, Boston’s South End Press. A long-time member-owner of food co-ops, she joined award-winning start-up River Valley Co-op’s Outreach Committee in 2002, and has served on its Board since 2005, three years as Board president. In 2014 she won the Howard Bowers Cooperative Board Service Award for her outstanding dedication and leadership. Currently a member of CDS Consulting Co-op, Jade works with food co-op boards of directors across the country to help improve their governance. Trained as a mediator in 2000, Jade spent over a decade at the Mediation & Training Collaborative in Greenfield, MA as a mediator and trainer, and for three years as its Co-Director. She also has many years experience as a trauma educator, learning and teaching about the effects of psychological trauma and how to overcome them.


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