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Marilyn Hyland is Principal of the Marilyn Hyland Agency founded in 1978. The Agency develops and implements integrated marketing strategies, political and government liaison work at local, state and federal levels. The Agency finds common public ground across diverse constituencies, engages in public speaking and testifies before legislative bodies. The Agency creates collateral materials, advertising in all media, coordinates media buying, produces promotional and documentary videos, press counseling and development. The Agency creates 3D events designed for the target market and press to embrace client’s products/services.

Work within the grocery industry has included developing marketing strategy from the beginning for Clifton Market, a start up coop in a vacant urban supermarket property. The work included overall Project Management, development of share ownership drive, heading the $6M capital campaign and development of the target market anticipation of the actual grocery store. Currently Creative Consultant to Clifton Market as Director of Marketing developing marketing strategy in business!

Before starting the Agency, Marilyn was Director of Market Research at Kenner Toy Company, then a Fundivision of General Mills.


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